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 MIDWEST FENCE is a family owned fence supplier and operated business and offers a wide variety of fence, post, poles, fencing tools and machinery.  We are known for our expertise in deer and wildlife exclusion as well as game inclusion fences.  Ray Caron purchased Midwest Fence from Tom Wavrin, in 2018.  We continue to work with Tom as he is an expert in the field.  MIDWEST FENCE is one of the suppliers for the Minnesota DNR Wildlife Management Program for Deer Exclusion Fence, and is a member of the Minnesota Apple Growers Association. Agricultural fence and exclusion fencing is a dynamic market where one solution does not meet all needs.  MIDWEST FENCE is here to help you in selecting the right fence, specific to your needs. 

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Scroll through photographs from our various projects from around the state of Minnesota, including Apple Orchards, Vineyards, and the University of Minnesota Arboretum.

Our Products


Deer/Elk - Deer Exclusion (Orchards, Vineyards) - Horse - Sheep/Goat - Dog -Cattle - Bison - Alpaca - Exotic Animal - DOT Highway High Tensile Electric Wire 


  • Treated Posts 3''-8'' in diameter and heights of 7'-16' 
  • Steel T-Posts ( 10' & 12' available)
  • Vineyard Trellising Steel Posts   


  • Gate frames or finished gates with your preferred wire available. We can stretch nearly any type of Bekaert wire to match your fencing project.
  • All gates 8' tall, ranging in widths from 4' up to 18' (even numbers only)
  • Hinges - Ship Auger Drill Bit - Chain Gate Hooks/ Latch - Gate Wheel - Gate Anchor


  • The Wire Twister Tool
  • EZ Pull Tool (4-in-1 fence tool)
  • Multi Function Fence Tool
  • Knipex Wire Cutters (Notch and no notch version available)
  • Hayes Long Chain Strainers
  • Hayes Smooth Wire Puller
  • Stretcher Bars 4',6',8' and 10'
  • Spinning Jenny
  • Wire Strainers 
  • Crimp Sleeves
  • Double Barbed Staples 2'' and 1 3/4'' (ZA Coated)
  • Brace Pins 5'' and 10'' 
  • Tension Springs


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